How Soon We Forget

Working as a Library Clerk at a new elementary school library I work on a weekly blog.  I post an update every Monday to share with our teachers.  Why don't I do that here? Why am I so lazy when it comes to this blog.

No more--a weekly update--that's what is going to happen.

Since last time--I believe it was May, 2015--I have finished my first ever art journal.  And of course starting off new this year and behind a week or two.  But I have a new plan for art journaling groups this year--everything is smaller and if a prompt or theme doesn't move me--I 'm not gonna do it!  The Documented Life Project--I'm only creating the weekly PAC (pocket art cards) which for me are 3 x 4.  For the Journal 52 and Journal About Me are on 4 x 6 cards.  I'm keeping all in 3-ring binders tucked safely inside page protectors.

I'm also working on a daily tangle calendar, and yup I'm a few days behind.

But really--I'm anxious to get back to my watercolors.  I miss them, miss painting.  I go a few weeks without art and I start feeling blah, but do I get up an go in my art room and create--no I sit and watch tv and feel blah.

I enjoyed a 4 day weekend, complete with 3 hockey games, helping mom, lunch with two of my favorite women, and a job interview. Hoping to see Deadpool this week and finally--clean my art room.  I'm going to clean up my art desk--put away somethings I'm not really that excited about and work on some watercolor pictures.  This weekend--more hockey games, dinner with two of my favorite people and then on Sunday--a complete day to make art--to paint and play with come new watercolor paints and brushes. That's my plan--so next week I'll post pictures of what I create.

For now here are some pictures from the past year, well things I've created since May.  And a few pictures from our Disney World trip at Christmas.


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