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100 Days of Doodle Folks and More

So I joined a challenge on Instagram--The 100 Day Project and I've decided to draw 100 days of doodle folks. The last few months I've been a bit watercolor crazy.  I've completed all of the all of the color art lessons from Gina Lee Kim, available through the Interweave Store.  Plus I started a class my sister bought for me from Bloknoteacademy--the Happy Watercolor Course. So lots of art the since February, gave some things up: Documented Life, Journal 52 and JAM journal but can always go back to them if I want.  Just having fun creating.
Above: Red, Blue and Green lessons from Gina Lee Kim.

To the right: Yellow lesson with cat from Gina Lee Kim, Three sister from Bloknoteacademy, and 100 Day Project journal and explanation.

Below: Days 1-6 of the 100 day project my first 6 of 100 doodle folks.

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