Taking On To Much

So after letting this blog and 2 other go for so long, I decided to delete the other two and just focus on the one about my art.  I tend to do this with other aspects of my life as well--get excited about something new, take on to much then get overwhelmed and do nothing.  Like my the Documented Life Project for 2014, No Excuses Journal for 2014, Journal 52 for 2014, numerous swaps--all went to the wayside.  So this year I said I'd pick two: Documented Life Journal 2015 and No Excuses Journal 2015.  Then of course I came across the Artful Journeys group, the Listers Gotta List Group, oh look--new prompts for Journal 52,  hey what's this pocket pal letter stuff all about, and alphabet ATCs and scavenger hunt postcards!!!

So I find myself playing catch up again, but instead of throwing my hands up in the air and giving up, I'm actually catching up.  Looking forward to summer and art.  Getting ready to get back to my art journals, working on abc ATCs and postcards.  I find myself drawing and painting in the mornings and after school, liking the work I'm creating, happy with the results and wanting to share my art with others.

So I'll show off a bit of my Documented Life Journal for 2015.  I have about 12 weeks finished a few left to catch up on.  I'm pretty proud of these pages, on everyone I've tried something new.  A new technique or medium, on  a few I went outside of my color comfort zone and sometimes I just kept going not even sure what would happen.


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