Wow Times Flies

Once again I start something a let it go.  Why do I do that?  Do you do that?  Is it something that happens to everyone? Or do I simply lose interest, lose focus?

It's even been weeks since I've made art, months since I've worked in my art journal.  I miss my art.  My art room's a huge mess.  I can't even see the top of my desk.  Do I clean it off? Do I spend a few minutes each day putting a few things away? No I stare at it, turn the lights off and walk away.  I don't even carry my little sketch book with me.

I miss art.  I miss my drawings. Truth be told I miss it when people give me compliments on my art.  So why leave it behind, why walk away.

I vow-to myself, cause no one reads this- to clean my art room this weekend.  Clean it before Thanksgiving. I vow to get caught up on art and send emails to those I've disappointed.  I vow to make art this Thanksgiving weekend and open that art journal, ignore the empty pages and do something--anything.  Some zentangles, some little animals, splash color on a page, pull out my watercolors!

I will make new art, I will make a commitment to my art, because I'm a happier person when I'm making art.


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