A Change in My Space

Those of  you who know me, know that the last few years have a been busy and sometimes hard for my family.  This past August we lost my grandmother, my Meme and in October, Papa followed. I think for me the last few years my creative outlet has been crocheting, using other people's patterns, my strange color choices and lots of yarn to create objects for my family, friends, and sometimes myself.  After losing my grandparents though it was hard for me to focus on much of anything including my crochet. But I soon realized I was bored, depressed, anxiety starting coming back.  I needed a creative outlet and the hooks and yarn just weren't getting it done.

I was looking on Pinterest one day and saw someones doodle art and someone else's art journal. I discovered Zen Tangle after researching it a bit decided that was what I wanted for Christmas.   I've always wished I had artistic talent, that I could draw, etc.  I found a book called No Excuses Art Journaling, it seemed so simple.  Just a few simple items each day added to a prepared planner and I was off.  But soon I discovered this was not enough.  I needed more, more art supplies, more information, more books, more pens, more paints, more, more, more.

One thing led to another and soon journaling wasn't enough, I was making artist trading cards, postcards, sending out happy mail.

So what follows is sampling of my journey into art. I hope you enjoy.


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