A Brand New HOOTER!

Well I finally finished the owl for my sister's library.  She hosts a monthly Night Owl Program in her school to encourage parent involvement and it has brought a lot of parents in to the school.  After making the small green and purple owl for the Great Owl Crochet Along, hosted by The Itsy Bitsy Spider (now hosting a the Pumpkin Patch Crochet Along),  I decided to make one for Carrie.  (My sister also has a blog, Carrie's YA Bookshelf.)  So now she has a mascot for her Night Owls.  I made him in a light grey and royal blue because her school colors are silver and blue.

Here he is reading the book In a Dark, Dark Room by Tara Doyle.  The miniature book is from a Scholastic and something I had in my basement.  I made the glasses from jewelry wire by wrapping the wire around a spool of thread, then wrapping another tiny piece around the circles to hold in place.  He's 9 1/2 inches tall and about 6 inches wide.  I doubled the yarn and used a H hook.  I love him and I know my sister does too. She's naming him Percy and he's going in her office but will come out for Night Owls.
I also wanted to share the owls I got from the Great Owl Crochet Along.  These two little guys were crocheted by Shannon Gallagher is a wonderful crocheter and blogger.  Check her out at Princess Crafts A Lot.  I also got other fun goodies too, like a wishing star book, rainbow cupcake recipe, some stickers, and some cute little crocheted items from Karla.
Cuties from Karla--thanks!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Fantastic job!!!

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