Karla over at Itsybitsyspidercrochet asked me today what inspired me to create my creature for the give away.  I hadn't really thought about that until she asked.  I made these monsters, heads really, for my third graders last year at Halloween.  They were a hit, I really enjoyed making each on unique.  I knew then that I wanted to create a monster with a body  but just didn't have the time.  After school ended this year I picked up Cherrycola, a Red Heart variegated yarn.   I loved the colors and one night just sat and began crocheting a head.  I didn't use a pattern, just stated a ball like all the others, but I decided to add increases around where I thought the mouth would be.  I knew when it was done that he had to have a body.  That is when I got out a pattern by, Big Blue, and modified it to fit my purposes.  I liked how the body started at the neck and worked down incorporating the legs as you crocheted.  I wanted his body to be more rounded, so I increased whenever I felt like it and decreased to get back to a round where the legs would start.  The arms where trail and error, finally I figured out what I wanted.  I think I am happiest with his 12 fingers, we've been high 12ing all day:)  The mohawk was actually my sisters idea, she also wanted me to add a sweater but I thought the strange symbol and neck collar would work too.
I don't know where my inspiration comes from: books, movies, kids, etc.  I just know I want to create something people will like.  It will be hard for me to part with my little creature but I know where ever he winds up--he'll be loved and appreciated for his unique style.


He is just adorable. It is so neat to have inspiration available. The 'net is such a great place for that!

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