Finally Finished

Pretty proud of myself.  I got most of my laundry done today and finished the creature for my give away.  I am so proud of him.  He stands, with  a bit of adjusting, at 11 inches including his mohawk.  I redid the arms, if you look at earlier posts they are short and fat, these seem to fit him better and yes they are jointed so they move.  Remember I will choose his new home on the last Saturday of the month. 
To enter and win this guy become a follower, comment on a post, and/or mention my contest on your own blog, but please let me know.  So far I have 8 followers and 14 entries including all comments.  Good luck!!


Cari said…
Very Cute Sara! I wanna win it for my library! I am thinking I could get the kids to come up with some pretty creative stories about this little guy!!
tplegal said…
Okay - i want to win this cute little thingy. I can put it along side the little quilt your mom made me years ago - it now hangs in my shop!!! (so i gotta win)
Sara said…
Thanks for the comments, and Cari you gotta become a follower too.
Chloe said…
SO. CUTE. Love the mohawk!! I soo want this little guy :D
It turned out AWESOME! Great job! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed to win him!
Tee* said…
He's adorable. I think he'd be a wonderful friend for the little monsters that I crochet. :) I would love to win him. :)
Oh, he's a cutie! My son would love him.

This is what I love about blogging. So many people here are blogging about crochet, more than I ever imagined. I love reading about what y'all are making, and trying out new techniques inspired by everyone else. My crocheting skills have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months. It's great. I'll be reading your blog regularly, my newfound friend.

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