A Giveaway Over at Itsy Bitsy Spider Crochet

One of my new favorite bloggers is giving away some of the cutest little blind box toys I've ever seen. Check it out at The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Can't wait to see who wins!!!

On the home front: Carrie and I are finally back from our vacation. The middle part was great: going to Disneyland, seeing my cousins Martha and Sam, and Martha's niece Rachel, shopping, riding rides, etc. The trip out and the trip back sucked. We took our dad's Lincoln Town Car--three years old with only 6500 miles on it, yeah, some where in New Mexico between Albequerque and Grants the car decided it would need a new motor. So back to Albequerque to drop off the car and pick a rental--it's still there by the way--now we get to figure out how to get it home. On the way home my sister developed an ear infection and some kind of virus in her throat--so I drove all the way home and she slept and felt miserable. I felt really bad for her. I get home finally to my cats and no air conditioning. It's about 90 outside and 83 in my house. So now that I've updated my blog--I'm gonna sit on my butt, watch tv and drink iced tea to keep cool. Air conditioning guy comes tomorrow--hoping it won't cost me an arm and a leg but not holding my breath.

On a happier note--I'm going to be starting my owl for Itsy Bitsy Spider's crochet along and swap. Check out the website in this post or the badge below.


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