Time Flies

I reread a post from January that promised pictures of the monsters I had created. I have finally posted them on my flickr account. If you click on the flickr button in the post below you can see them.

I have now entered into a Crochet Along over at The Itsy Bitsy Spider blog. It is her baby owl pattern and I can't wait to get started. I plan to post pictures as I work.

With school ending and summer coming on like a speeding train I have been making plans to rearrange my yarn room. I am also planning on some creations of my own design to submit to Stuffed magazine. Don't know if they will get published but it is something I've always wanted to do.

For now I'd like to upload some pics of a few creations I made for my third grade auction. One is from a Lion's Brand pattern, the others are from my head.

This little guy began as a dinosaur and I got bored. So I just finished him off a bit below the neck, he stands up on his own. I made curly cue arms and used fun fur for the hair. The eyes are from Enami Eyes shop on etsy.
One of my favorite kids won this in our class auction. We can't decide though if he has a mouth or a mustache.

Little guy here was inspired by a lion brand pattern. I just changed the direction of the rectangle and the eyes. He was the second most popular acution item. A great boy bought him for his little sister. I had really great kids this year in class.
This beauty was based on my monster patterns, a simple ball, created more as an oval to begin instead of a circle. I don't use felt much but decided to add it, I liked so I used it on some of the others. She was the most expensive item in our auction.

I forgot this guy. He's one of my favorites and one of the other third grade teahers decided she'll need one for Halloween next year. He is also based off a free pattern I found on the web. The little bat pattern was easy to make and I finished him in about two nights.

I have more to share but want to post this. The last 4 auction piece pictures will post soon, so check back.


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