Remebering Why

Sometimes I get so bogged down in the day to day life I forget why I do things. I went to a retirement party last night for a school counselor. I wasn't even sure I really wanted to go. I felt a bit bitter because she jumped ship her last year in the district and we really don't see eye to eye about my new principal--one of the reasons she moved on to the high school. Everyone chipped in again and begged me to make her an afghan. Something I've been doing the last few years for our retirees. I didn't really wanna do it, but I did. Figured I'd make something quick--one of those 5 1/2 hour deals from Lion Brand. I made, bitching the whole time. I decided I'd fulfill the whole deal and present it to her at her retirement last night. I'm glad I did. Maybe this woman and I don't agree on my current work environment and yeah I saw her as a traitor for leaving but when she opened that bag and pulled out the one thing she said she wanted for her retirement party I began to remember why I even picked up hook to begin with--to make stuff that would make people happy. I'm so glad I attended a party I didn't really want to go to and made a great afghan for someone I didn't want to make one for. I'm so glad I remember why I love to crochet.


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