Finally Beginning to Look Like Christmas

I just finished my one of my niece's Christmas presents. I made her a white bunny out of Lion's Brand Homespun and embellished with the greatest eyes I bought from chezmichelle on His name is Marshmallow and of course I'll have to write a little poem to go with him. For me finishing that first Christmas present always puts me in the mood to keep on crocheting till the wee hours of Christmas Eve. I know it's a bit late to be getting started on Christmas presents but better late than never. I've started on her afghan, she is three and receives and afghan every year. No, no I don't spoil my princess at all!! Oh, the pattern came from too, I found it by looking for amigurumi animals, it's called Alien Rabbit, I took liberties with the pattern. He's bigger because I used bulkier yarn and a larger hook. He also has a nose and mouth, because he freaked me out with just those eyes. And I added a little scarf. But hey my niece will love him.


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