I should probably explain that crochet is not just a hobby for me but a maddening obsession of expensive proportions. I'm obsessed with, well with being obsessed but when it comes to crochet my obsession rises to a whole new level of insanity. Take for instance the year I discovered Lion Brand's Homespun yarn. My favorite yarn by the way for blanket making. During that summer I spent no less than three hundred dollars on yarn. Yarn that I had no purpose for other than to sit in my yarn room and look pretty. Now I have since used most of this yarn and purchased new, because well the shelves looked sad and lonely all empty and brown. My obsession knows no bounds. I cannot name, or even begin to count the number of patterns I have, including those I have downloaded and printed off, and filed but not yet made. And hooks, well the hook situation is really a whole 12 step program waiting to happen. But really can one ever have to many H or K hooks. And all that pretty aluminum and wood, well it's just wonderful sticking out of my crochet felted tool caddy.

Ok, I know that I need help. Serious help, but I figure as long as the light bill is paid and the cats have food then who cares if I skip a few meals to purchase yarn. I mean come of who wouldn't pass up Hamburger Helper for a yarn sale.


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